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Rich Tehrani’s secret passion

On Tuesday, I found out what Rich Tehrani does for fun. And I never would have suspected.

Tehrani is a closet DJ and techno fan.

Rich was laboring over MP3s on Tuesday, trying to figure out the best songs to intro his keynote speakers.  His staff had told him that his earlier techno selections were a bit too intense, so he was looking at putting in some Seal in order to mellow things out a little bit for the afternoon sessions.

And you thought all Rich was doing back there was posting another blog piece…


Congrats to Paula Bernier!

Long-time industry editorial-ist (well, I don’t want to call her a “reporter,” because she’s done a lot more than that) Paula Bernier has joined TMC Net as the Executive Editor of INTERNET TELEPHONY.

Good move for TMC — Rich Tehrani and company add a seasoned and highly capable member to their team.  I look forward to harassing, er talking to Paula when I’m out at IT EXPO West in Los Angeles in a few weeks.