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Rich Tehrani’s secret passion

On Tuesday, I found out what Rich Tehrani does for fun. And I never would have suspected.

Tehrani is a closet DJ and techno fan.

Rich was laboring over MP3s on Tuesday, trying to figure out the best songs to intro his keynote speakers.  His staff had told him that his earlier techno selections were a bit too intense, so he was looking at putting in some Seal in order to mellow things out a little bit for the afternoon sessions.

And you thought all Rich was doing back there was posting another blog piece…


Tough choices in the Fall trade show season

Unlike previous years,  Fall 2009 provides a sparse selection of events for IP communications lovers.  Depending on who you want to reach and who you want to talk to,  there are a couple of “Must go” events.  Everything else is a grab bag.

I think my Big Picture thought here is: Smaller is better. A smaller, more focused event provides more intimate interaction with the people you want to/need to talk to than the mega-event craziness of the past.

Must go

Channel/VAR/resellers:  IT EXPO West, September 1-3, 2009, Los Angeles Convention Center.  Let’s face facts – TMC owns this space when it comes to putting IP telephony and all of its supporting bits together with the vast reseller community.

Enterprise:  VoiceCon San Francisco, November 2-5, 2009, San Francisco.  This show’s sweet spot is for businesses of 1,000 or more employees.  In the casino world, these customers would be called “whales”; big names, big dollars.  You just better be able to put a ROI of 6-8 months on the table in these tight times.  From a media (i.e. reporter) perspective, the show sponsors are a class act.

Asterisk:  AstriCon, October 13-15, 2009, Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona. Sessions for everyone who touches the open source IP telephony platform, from developers to speakers.

HD Communications:  Talk to the Jeff (Pulver).  He has a two day event in NYC in September, with UK, Australia, and Israel events on deck as well.  Yes, there is the O Henry-esque irony of meeting face to face, but sometimes you need that 100 percent presence.