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Declaring swag – What exactly do I need to do, FTC?

Over the years as a *ahem* writer/journalist, I have received a lot of crap, er stuff from vendors. Some of it is unsolicited and continues to gather dust, some has gone on to relatives and others just so I can reclaim space, and in a few cases, I am still using products and/or services provided for me oh-so-long ago.

I can understand the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wanting to clarify relationships between bloggers and vendors, but what is going to be acceptable? Do I have to mention that Vendor-X gave me freebies every time I might talk about Vendor-X’s service? Or do it once and be done with it?

And I suspect that there are an equal number of cases where I have bought hardware with my own greenbacks and written about it favorably; so what do I do then? “This post not sponsored by anyone?” 🙂