Lazy or swamped?

I’ve heard grumbling in some circles that marketing people are “lazy” – they don’t pass along leads to the sales force, theylean on external vendors to do everything, and they don’t have much of a marketing or communications strategy.

Having been an overloaded marketing person, I have to think twice about some of the criticism being valid.  I also think that sometimes there’s a serious disharmony between the marketing side of the house and the sales side of the house.

Sales people want good quality leads. An effective marketing program does this without having to force a sales person into a perpetual calling cycle. It also does so in an efficient and effective fashion… which is where some of the breakdown occurs.

Last week, I was sitting around with a couple of people and heard the all-too-familar horror story of Company XYZ coming back from a trade show with a stack of leads which joined the 2008 stack of leads in a dusty corner somewhere.

There’s also the “scan them all, let the sales force sort it out” philosophy, where media contacts at a trade show end up in the scrum and media people get cold call or email pitches for products – most unimpressive.  Waste the media person’s time, waste the sales person’s time, the sales person’s time *is* money, cuz if he’s calling a member of the press, he’s not calling a potential customer.

So, do you blame the above on marketing for not setting up proper procedures or the sales people not being trained in procedure or write it off to being swamped?


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