Too big PR firms.

What defines a “just right” PR firm for tech companies?

Big-name companies are typically too big and bulky to respond to your needs, other than the need to send you a big bill on a monthly basis.  Consistant behavior for a big-name PR firm is to roll in with a VP or other “senior” partner plus an account manager and a junior less-than-two-years out of college person, tell you all the wonderful things they have done in the past with plenty of name dropping, and leave behind a pretty PowerPoint pack with at least 25 color slides in the bound deck, along with a contract for retainer for services.

Once you sign on the dotted line, you rarely see the senior person ever again — unless you have threatened to drop the firm, the account manager shows up once in a while, and the junior person is the one who is doing all the heavy lifting on press release writing, pitches, and if you’re really, really lucky, organizing a briefing or two.

To compound matters, you have to invest time in educating said junior person and sometimes the account manager on exactly what your comapny does and hope they get it right so they can pitch your company’s releases — along with the 4-6 other companies they are assigned.

Exceptions to the rule exist rarely. The good young ones either get hired off by clients smart enough to spot a diamond in the rough, other large PR firms, or boutique/mid-sized firms.


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