A Just Right PR firm

In the tech and telecom world, what you want, what you want, what you really want is a smaller to mid-sized PR firm with an established rep within the industry. Such a firm should have good references, both clients and reporters it has worked with.

A firm such as this is going to treat you as a big fish in a little pond, not a 6 to 12 month source of billables. The firm shouldn’t be afraid to tell you what you might be doing wrong — and you shouldn’t be too proud to listen to its advice. If you’re a typical marketing guy, you are going to need some advice and council on your moves one month, three months, six months, and a year out — because you also have to deal with all your other duties, like generating leads and helping the sales force close business.

Finding these firms is easier than you think. Look in your industry segment and find three to four companies that you hear about a lot.  Go pull their press releases and look at the names of who represens those firms.  Then go make some calls…


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