Net-net on my background in PR and Marketing

I realize I got a little CV-winded with my personal history of “Been there, done that, designed the T-shirt,”  so I’ll summarize.

I’ve been on both the buy-side and the sell-side of PR. Specifically:

Buy side:   As a writer/journalist/pundit, I’ve literally heard hundreds (if not thousands) of PR pitches over the years.  The good (rare), the bad (more often) and the ugly (oh, and it was ugggly).

During the era I also bought PR services from no-name and name-brand firms, and hired PR and marketing people.

Sell side: I also pitched my share of stories to the media during when I was at DIGEX and SkyCache/Cidera, plus I did a whole bunch of marketing… We did some legendary parties back in the SkyCache/Cidera days and hired Penn & Teller to perfrom at InterOp in Atlanta one year.

Alas, I could pass Penn on the street today and he wouldn’t know me…


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