My background on PR, FYI…

Back in the Clone Wars,  er, circa 1993, before people even know how to spell, I hooked up with a 9-10 person startup company called DIGEX and did ad hoc PR and marketing for them for a brief moment or two before departing in the summer of ’97.

At the same time, I started writing for Boardwatch magazine and had been writing for a LA rag (think “City Paper” — my first published piece was above the phone sex ads…) on web issues  — the wonders of the Internet in ’97!). I was also ghosting a gossip column for one of the tech pubs in the D.C. area, so I had a lot of little writing gigs going on.

When I started up again with another startup — SkyCache/Cidera — I was the number 2 guy on payroll and in charge of all things marketing and PR for a couple of years before they hired a VP of marketing above me in prep for an IPO shortly before went to dot.bomb and everyone downsized.

During the SkyCache/Cidera gig, I went from doing our own PR in-house, to farming it out to different no-name and then brand-name PR firms, plus hiring a dedicated PR guy to manage all the moving parts for PR in what was a combo of in-house and out-house PR.

But then dot.bomb happened, so I ended up doing a combo of freelance consulting work and more writing for the pubs of the day.

I was fortunate enough to have worked for/with/whatever Glenn Bischoff at Mobile Radio Technology, now known as Urgent Communications.  Glenn smoothed a lot of my long-form reporting edges and taught me things about old-school journalism that I didn’t know because I didn’t have a formal j-degree.

Then VON Magazine, the original-accept-no-substitutes, started up, so first I started as a columnist on the back, moved to news editor working with Richard “Zippy” Grigonis, and then up to Editor-in-Chief when Zippy started work over at TMC.

During my tenure at VON, I worked with the newsletters and website, but most of my tasking was on the print magazine.  When VON imploded, I worked at Fierce and got a different view of the world from an all-electronic media company.


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